Could you do one where your dating alex from ATL and its summer so you and the guys have water fights and a BBQ and make it all funny and fluffy please :3

This was so fun and cute to write! ~Emelie


"Y/N, get out here!" you heard Jack shout.
"Just a second!"
It was now summer, and the boys were all in yours and Alex’s back garden with the pool and a barbecue being lit. You were slightly self-conscious of the bikini you were going to wear when it was just you and them… You didn’t mind Alex seeing of course, but you were just worried on how you looked. 
"Y/N, are you alright?" Alex asked as he walked into your room you shared with him, and his eyes grew big. 
"Is it okay…?" you asked, a little worried, and constantly adjusting the bikini strap.
"You look… Uhh… Wow…" he chuckled and walked over, pulling you into a hug. "You look beautiful, just come and have fun, okay?"

You walked outside with Alex holding your hand, and received a wolf whistle from Jack, who was soon smacked over the back of the head by Alex, making you giggle.
"Okay, who wants to play water fights?" asked Rian. 
"Me, me and me!" shouted Jack, excitedly. "I have a water gun."
"Jack we all have water guns…" Alex replied.
Next, you needed to decide on teams.
"I’ll be with Y/N," Alex said, but you objected.
"Only because you think I’ll kick your arse!"
"…Good point, okay, I’m team captain of the other team!"
It ended up being Jack, Alex and Rian against you and Zack… They were going down.

"3… 2… 1… GO!" you shouted, as you grabbed a water gun and aimed it at Alex’s face, giggling.
As the game progressed, Rian had backed out due to surrendering to Zack, but now Alex and Jack were no where to be seen.
"You go for Jack, and I’ll get Alex, we’ve got this Zack!"
He nodded and ran off, and you started to search for Alex, before you felt water hit your head as you saw Alex up a tree. Immediately he jumped down, causing you to then slowly walk towards him, a water balloon behind your back. You gently kissed him, and he kissed you back, wrapping his arms around you as you did the same. Then, you hit a water balloon at the back of his head and pulled away, grinning.

"Never let your guard down, Gaskarth."

"You little tease!" he shouted, as he grabbed you from behind and spun you around.

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